Situation and the environment:

The environmental differs according to the location of the territories, but all very close to the water. The hide will be located in fishing perches-branches in the Costa Blanca o south Alicante


  • Acommodation: 2-4 people
  • Dimensions (cm): 2 hides camouflage cloth (150 wide x 150 long x 150 high & 100 wide x 115 long x 135 high)
  • Spy glass: no, objective through fabric sleeve
  • Time of the year: July to March
  • Timetable: All day


Birds photographed from this hide: 

For Kingfishers, but always many birds came close to the hide.



  • 40 €/person (Costa Blanca, Alicante); 50 €/person (South Alicante), 2-4 photographers
  • 60 € (Costa Blanca); 70 € (South Alicante) for only one photographer
It includes:

– Use hide half day

– Transfers from the meeting point

– Guide and technical advice

– Management appropriate permissions


Meeting point:

– La Vila Joiosa, Sella, Altea (Marina Baixa) / Elche, Santa Pola, Dolores, etc (South Alicante)

To pick you up from the others places, please ask the rates.

We have special prices for several days of use. We manage your stay in the area.

The use of photographic hides can be combined with other activities, such as itineraries for Bird Watching in the area.

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