Situation and the environment:

Nestled around the Natural Park of El Hondo (Elx-Crevillent), this hide is intended to photograph mainly numerous wintering raptors in this important natural area. The surroundings is typical of these environments with salt marsh vegetation accompanied by examples of the palms and tamarisks.


  • Acommodation:  3 people
  • Dimensions (cm):  260 wide x 130 long x  x 130 high
  • Spy glass:  yes, 3 glasses of 70 x 32 cm

The birds are attracted to the hideout with live prey (mainly pigeon and rabbit) obtained from captive breeding, so have passed veterinary and so that reason are free of parasites, both internal, and external.


Birds can be photographed from this hide:

The main raptor which target the hide is Booted eagle; but because it is in an area frequented by many species, is not uncommon during the session can go: Buzzards, Marsh harriers, common Kestrels can even be the case that can go Bonelli’s Eagle, Merlin (testing with smaller bait ) and the famous Lesser spotted dappled-Eagles. Other birds that have been photographed are: Dartford warbler, Thekla Lark, Stonechat, Redstart, Zitting cisticola, Bee-eaters, etc.


  • 110 € (1 photographer)
  • 80 € /person (2 photographers)
  • 70 €/person  (3 photographers)

If  any raptor go there, the rates are reduced 40%. You can also try to refine / adjust the session to raptor species is desired (see).


It includes:
  • Use the hide
  • Transfers from the meeting point      
  • Guide and technical advice
  • Management appropriate permissions

Meeting point:

– La Vila Joiosa, San Juan, Alicante y Elche

To pick you up from the other places, please ask the rates.

We have special prices for several days of use. We manage your stay in the area.

The use of photographic hides can be combined with other activities, such as itineraries for Bird Watching in the area.

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